WE  don't  need  no  Education . . .

My formative years were spent at the then Oakmeeds Community School, in Station Road, Burgess Hill.
Which I attended from September 1984 until June 1989 where I, against the odds, achieved the following:


Art/Design, GCSE grade A  • General Science, GCSE grade B • English, GCSE grade C  • Maths, GCSE grade C  • Business & Information Studies, GCSE grade C  • Craft Design & Technology, GCSE grade D (Well to be honest this was more like woodwork lessons, never leave me in charge of a saw or a drill unless you wish to replaster a wall or take a trip to A&E!)  • Social Studies, GCSE grade D.


I then went onto further education at Brighton College of Technology, in Pelham Road, Brighton. Where I attended a day-release course, mixing days at college with a placement in actual studio environments, from September 1989 to June 1991. During this time I had practical hands on experience with the design world whilst dabbling a little photography, and achieved some of the higest marks of my year. Eventually walking away with a City & Guilds Certificate in Graphic Communications.


WORking  nine  to  five  what  a way  to  make  a  living . . .



FORMAT DISPLAY   December 2006 to date
50/51 Bolney Grange Business Park, Stairbridge Lane, Bolney, RH17 5PB.   www.formatdisplay.com


Job Description: Graphic Designer


Duties: After taking a detailed brief, I would either adjust and use supplied artwork, or generate it all from scratch, to produce large format projects to be used for high-end exhibitions and conferences, or in-house company graphics as well as well-known museum installations.


Producing the work on EPSOM PRO 11880’s, or sometimes directly to the substrate, using an Arizona 250GT Flatbed printer, which would then in some cases, be laminted and packed for delivery by the Finishing Dept. Among my other duties I often made use of a vinyl cutter for producing company logos or text for museum installations which would be applied directly to the walls.


These are just some of the companies I have directly produced work for, during my time at Format Display:

EDF • Kew Gardens • Coutts Bank • Brighton & Hove Museums • De La Warr Pavilion • The Royal Pavilion • NDCS • TATE Liverpool • The Institute of Cancer Research • The Boat Show • M.I.6 • The Prince’s Trust • McDonalds • Morrisons • Hitachi • HP • Barclays Bank • Sainsburys • The Body Shop •  Pirelli • and many, many more besides.

NEWMAN THOMSON   January 2006 to November 2006
1 Juilee Road, Burgess Hill, West Sussex, RH15 9TL.   www.newmanthomsom.com


Job Description: Artworker


Duties: To take existing clients artwork in either pdf, InDesign file, Quark file, and either correct or Impose into Trueflow software to enable the production of plates to a busy print room. As well as producing artwork for the Digital Press.

CHRISTIAN PUBLICITY & OUTREACH (CPO)   November 1992 to December 2005
Garcia Estate, Canterbury Road, Worthing, West Sussex, BN13 1BW.   www.cpo-online.org.uk


Job Description: Senior Designer & Cover Art Director


Duties: During my time at CPO I wore many hats. (Not including the cowboy hat I seemed so keen on at the time.)  I was used as a magazine Layout designer, a logo originator,  a poster campaign designer, an Illustrator/Cartoonist, a photo puzzle creator, a front cover art director and retoucher, as well as countless other general concept design.


My main role was designing and putting together a thriving woman’s magazine called Woman Alive. This involved flatplanning the magazine with the editor and photographic editor. Where we would discuss each story so I could get a feel for the content, enabling me to interpret it into the design of each feature. As well as discussing which pictures to choose and what prominence each should have.


Then it was a matter of putting together the magazine, in a very tight deadline. This often required regular amounts of photo-retouching, especially for the front cover shots. Once all editorial pages were complete, I then had toarrange the advertisements, and the Classified sections alongside the advertising manager.


A great deal of my time was also spent designing Poster Campaigns for churches for the Christmas and Easter periods, as well as working alongside companies such as Disney and Icon Pictures to design literature and posters for churches to help market such films as The Passion of the Christ and Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, & The Wardrobe.






TEXTPLAN DESIGN ASSOCIATES   March 1990 to November 1991
Tidy’s Yard Industrial Estate, Ditchling Common, East Sussex


Job Description: Junior Designer


Duties: Paste-up artist and Reprographic Camera operator, as well as a very early Mac Operator. 'The Mac' as it was then called was kept in a small shrine in a side room off the studio, where the members of the studio would take turns to enter the Holy of Holys and gnerally coo in the direction of the Mac, without actually using it. I was however the first to buck this trend and insisted in dabbling on it and teaching myself the ways of The Mac. Yes, Quark Express did just about exist at this point. My main work included designing ‘in-house’ brochures and advertisements for various companies including Camping Gaz catalogues and Holiday brochures.

VISUAL IDENTITY   September 1989 to March 1990
Portslade, East Sussex.


Job Description: Trainee designer


Duties: Consept Design and visuals for advertisements and company logos

And, That  was  the  story  all  about how,  my  life  got  flipped-turned  upside down,  I'm  glad  you took  a  minute  and  sat  right  there,  and read  how  I  became  A  Legendary  Design   extraordinaire . . .


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