It's all about me baby!


In west Philadelphia born and raised, on the playground was where I spent most of my days. Chillin' out maxin' relaxin' all cool, and all shootin some b-ball outside of the school . . . Oh no . . . hang on . . . that's not me.  Ah! Here we are! Sorry about that.


Carl Mark Tidy was born on the 28th April 1973 and was raised in Burgess Hill, where he still resides today. Living with Steph, his wife of seventeen years, and their two sons, Jaz and Ethan. As well as sharing his home (otherwise known as Tidy Towers) with their two tortoiseshell cats, weekly three-day visits from the two-year-old granddaughter, and the in-laws who are quietly kept in the South Wing.


Despite the chaos of general family life Carl would still describe himself as a person with a sunny disposition and very much a young soul, trapped in the body of a slightly overweight 40 something.



I do of course manage to have a little spare time to myself, where I manage to switch off and while away the hours. Most of these times are either spent, watching my extensive collection of films or mabey just a bit of telly with the family, or in the company of my wife and eldest son, as we battle our way through long forgotten video games on ancient consoles.


Most recently, I’ve also been trying my hand at writing a novel, and so far so good. Although I still have a long way to go before writing the immortal words 'THE END'.  If I had to try and tie it down to a particular genre I would say it was a very British romantic comedy/Sci-fi.

Dear  Sir  or  Madam,   will  you  read  my  book,   It  took  me  years  to  write,  will  you  take  a  look?


ONE thing you might not know, unless you Google me of course, (Actually probably best you don't Google me. Oh . . . you already have . . . DOH!) is that I have had my fair share of close shaves with the world of the media.


Back in 2005 whist on a break at work I took a photo of a cloud formation outside the office. The result was a crazy few days where my photograph was splashed all over the world’s media. Featuring in pretty much every daily national newspaper, which included The Sun, The Mirror, The Daily Mail, The Express and even a whole page dedicated to it in The Telegraph! During the day it was also discussed on Radio 1 by Chris Moyles and on Radio 2 by Steve Wright, as well as featuring GMTV and the lengendary Richard & Judy! By the following day it was splashed all across the european press, and even got mentioned on Austrailian and Russian TV.


Then in 2011 during a moment of mischief and 10 minutes free time, I created, some would say, 'controversial' image of President Obama and David Cameron as shown, with a little help from PhotoShop. Which then somehow (#innocentface) found it’s way onto Twitter before very quickly going viral and being discussed on all manner of websites, (there was some very angry rednecks in the deep south that apparently thought the image was real, or some that thought that the obviously evil creator of such an image was hell bent on bringing down Western civilisation as we know it! I also heard it made it to the pages of The New York Times! Oops! Apparently President Obama himself was so outraged that he tried to get the image taken down from the net which only had the effect of getting the image passed around the web even more furiously. Oops!

Cloudy with a chance of Jesus

The 'special' relationship

The art of going viral
without the aid of Twitter



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